October 13, 2016

Tesla Roadster ebay $1 million eBay

We are used to seeing all kinds of madness on eBay, from a girl’s virginity to a ghost in a jar, but now we’ve got an early Tesla Roadster prototype on sale for more than $1 million.

Now it’s a lovely idea, but we think jester944 might need to lay off whatever he’s been smoking and get just a touch more realistic with his pricing.

The Tesla Roadster is a landmark car in a way, it marked the start of Tesla’s journey and there’s no doubt that Elon Musk is the driving force behind the renaissance of the electric car. These are facts.

This is not car number one

But this is not car number 1, it carries the validation prototype number 00032 and it doesn’t even have the right front end or the early two-speed gearbox that could have really marked it out as something special.

That renders most of what he has to say in his eBay advert pretty much redundant. “A million dollar Tesla may be crazy today but with vintage Ferrari’s going for $15M+, imagine what the first Ferrari prototype models would go for,” he said.

“Take that 30 years into the future when most cars are electric and they’ll be able to trace their history back to Tesla, the company that is changing the industry, and this being a prototype of its first model. Historic and super sporty.”

So basically jester, and he’s making this too easy for us, is asking you to take a million dollar punt on Tesla winning the upcoming EV war. If we’re being pedantic, and it feels like that kind of day, then he’s actually asking $1,000,032. The additional $32 is obviously for the special chassis number, or maybe he’ll give the lucky winner a full charge.

Tesla Roadster ebay $1 million eBay

Betting on Tesla becoming the new Ferrari

He’s asking you to bet more than the price of a good house on Elon Musk swatting aside the likes of Mercedes, Audi, Lamborghini and Ferrari when they finally decide to make the jump to pure electric. Now it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, we really think it could happen, but we wouldn’t bet seven figures on it. Even if we were in that kind of happy go lucky mood, we’d buy $1 million worth of Tesla shares, not this insanely overpriced Roadster.

He’s also asking you to pay more than 20 times the going rate for this car based on the fact that it’s a pre-production car.

Maybe, just maybe, car number one will sell for $1 million at some point in the distant future. But this car will not, ever, no matter what Tesla goes on to achieve.

Who is watching this sale?

There are 55 people watching the eBay auction right now and I’d wager most of them are writing about it. So this was either a brilliant PR move for Park Place Motors in Bellevue, which is the company behind the jester moniker, or it’s a pure speculative effort from a car dealer that thought tech heads might just be dumb enough to fall for the spiel.

Either way, we’re impressed with their moxy, but not their pricing structure. Whatever you do, don’t buy this car.

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