The team at Rimac put together a 1.1 MW electric race car, that’s 1500 HP, and they did it in just a few months. The Tajima is a little unconventional looking of a car, and the team went way out of their comfort zone to build it, but the end result is a whirring speedster.

Best of all, the team video-documented the process, and here it is.

The four wheel independent drive system utilizes the same base vectoring system as we’ve seen go offroad a little. They explain an interesting obstacle, fine-tuning the car for stability on the road is a dramatically different need from the driving style of a professional racing driver.

The car was built and raced in a road race. The cramped time schedule had them finishing building the car in the dying moments before race time.

We watched the Rimac Concept One take on a Bugatti Veyron not long ago. There is something to be said for an all electric car that can take on a thousand horsepower beast in the Veyron, much less win.

The ability to adjust the power to each wheel one hundred times per second makes for an extremely capable car. Combine that with 1500 hp, and the Tajima Rimac eRunner is a serious machine.

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