South Australia, home of some serious power deficiencies, will soon be home to a new solar farm with battery storage. Totaling 330 MW of solar production and 100 MW / 400 MWh of battery storage, Lyon Group should begin construction soon.

We’ve already seen companies like Tesla place bids to put power in the area, but this project appears largely independent of those ‘100 days or it’s free‘ claims.

We’re working with some semantics on the phrasing here folks, there are larger solar farms out there, and larger battery plants, but the combination of the two is what we’re calling the ‘world’s largest.’

The current largest solar project pumps out 648 MW of power from 2.5 million solar modules in India. This Lyon Group project, backed by Mitsubishi, Blackstone and Magnetar Capital, will install 3.4 million panels. We’re not sure as yet the size or efficiency of the panels they’ll be using, but this is not the Lyon Group’s first foray into solar farms.

1.1 million batteries will go into the mix, providing 100 MW / 400 MWh of storage. In terms of scale, that’s nearly four times the capacity of the Tesla battery farm in Huwaii.

The project has not yet begun, but should soon. Estimated costs to build are close to $750 million (AUD $1 billion.) Considering the amount of land and sunny days available in Australia, we suspect we’ll be hearing more about development in the area.

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