January 21, 2017

This post originally appeared on our sister site, Android Authority

The former head of Google’s search division, Amit Singhal, has a new full-time gig. Singhal revealed on his personal blog today that he is joining the Uber ride sharing company as its new senior vice-president of engineering.

Singhal worked at Google for 15 years and successfully lead its search division as it dominated the online search market place. In late February 2016, Singhal revealed he would be departing Google to launch his own non-profit organization. However, he is now back to work with Uber.

In his blog post, Singhal stated he was a “huge fan of Uber’s product” and admired how the company’s technology was just beginning to transform transportation around the world.

He added that the prospect of connecting millions of people with millions of drivers, and then having to figure out variables like traffic, optimal routes and more will be among the “most challenging computer science problems I’ve encountered in my thirty-year career.”

Reuters added that, according to an Uber spokesperson, Singhal will also act as an adviser to its CEO Travis Kalanick as well as Anthony Levandowski, who is the leader of the company’s self-driving division. It’s likely that Singhal will offer Uber some insights from Google’s own efforts into making autonomous cars.

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