January 5, 2017

The German automaker is working with NVIDIA to develop Level 4 autonomous cars, and these AI powered vehicles are to be on roads by 2020. Ambitious, indeed.

NVIDIA’s efforts to be put to practice

It hasn’t been too long since the chip maker announced its AI car platform. Called the AI co-pilot, the smart program would detect your head movements to make sure you’re not distracted while driving or comment on your mood based on facial analyses. All in all, NVIDIA’s platform sounded promising.

Well, it looks like the company has bigger things in store for us. Going one step further, NVIDIA is teaming up with the luxury car maker Audi to bring Level 4, fully autonomous vehicles on roads by 2020. Now, most competitors are also looking at that timeframe as the ultimate goal – ranging from 2019 to 2021 – and given that this is only two to three years away, it would be a significant accomplishment if all goes as planned.

Clearly, the two companies see AI as the next step for self-driving cars. Scott Keogh, head of Audi’s US operations, explains why his company is working with NVIDIA:

AI is the next leap. We want to get there sooner, and we want to get there safer.

CES 2017 is just the beginning

Audi and NVIDIA are expected to showcase some of their efforts at CES 2017 with an experimental Audi Q7 SUV. The Q7 will use AI to navigate the road without a person behind the wheel, according to Audi. Although we don’t have any details yet regarding their 2020 goal, the companies’ partnership is another testament to their continued commitment to self-driving technology.

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