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Modern Transportation

Hyperloop One announcing potential US routes

Hyperloop One has announced some semi-finalists in the hunt for the first high-speed routes in the United States. I live at one of them, do you?
by Adam MolinaApril 10, 2017

Electric GT is an all Tesla racing championship, coming in the fall

The Tesla race series, the Electric GT, will have its first official race in France. Shaving some weight, these will be the fastest Model Ss around.
by Adam MolinaApril 9, 2017

Ford joins other automakers to build electric cars in China

The Detroit-based company will start building the Mondeo Energi plug-in hybrid in China next year as well as an unannounced all-electric SUV.
by Adam MolinaApril 7, 2017

Look, the Tesla Model 3 release candidate in the wild (Update: video added)

Photos captured of the new Tesla Model 3 release candidate on the streets in California. Hope for more like this as Tesla ramps up for July production.
by Adam MolinaApril 5, 2017
Electric Cars

Tesla is now worth more than Ford

Thanks to a record-breaking first quarter, Tesla has passed Ford in terms of market value.
by Adam MolinaApril 4, 2017

Hyundai showcases auto intelligence and fuel cell technology

At the Seoul Motor Show yesterday, Hyundai unveiled its latest auto connected technology as well as the Future Eco fuel cell concept vehicle.
by Adam MolinaMarch 30, 2017

Uber can’t wait for public infrastructure, building their own EV charging stations in London

For Uber to run electric cars in London, they need more chargers. Uber branded rapid chargers will pop up in Central London soon.
by Adam MolinaMarch 30, 2017
Electric Cars

Tesla Model S and X marketed as the perfect company cars

Tesla has launched a new corporate sales page online for its corporate fleet program. It is marketing the Model S and X as the perfect cars for companies.
by Adam MolinaMarch 29, 2017

Tesla expansion said to be largest industrial lease in area history

According to Teslarati, Tesla has signed a deal to lease three warehouses of 1.3 million square feet in an effort to expand manufacturing.
by Adam MolinaMarch 27, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory aerial photos give sense of scale

Aerial survey company takes photos of Tesla Gigafacatory 1 in Nevada. A massive facility producing Powerwalls, Powerpacks and electric car batteries.
by Adam MolinaMarch 26, 2017
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