I was being literal, the most common stunt drones like to flip in the air. Sometimes they call it 360 aversion, or you might consider it a barrel roll, no matter, it’s a stunt and it’s fun to see.

There are other tricks that drones can perform these days, we’ll leave the technical merit of each up to you. For now, these are the some great drones that perform some sort of aerial maneuver to bewilder an audience, the best stunt drones.

Flips and single-drone stunts

Hubsan H108 Spyder

Make no mistake, this is a pretty basic drone. Hubsan does a great job at building basic drones, some of the best, actually. Knowing that you’re getting a quality flying machine, enjoy the added fun features of flips, spins and what they call a funnel.

Check out the Hubsan H108 Spyder for $30 on Amazon today.

Sky Viper s1700

As one of the top listed stunt drones on a Google search, and a nominee for a toy of the year award, we couldn’t ignore the Sky Viper s1700 stunt drone. With a low cost and a handful of one-touch controls for stunts, including flips and rolls, it’s no wonder this rates high on many toy drone lists.

Check out the Sky Viper s1700 for $43 on Amazon.

UDI Freedom U32

It can fly upside down! Let’s be totally fair, this is a decent and moderately powerful little drone that flips like many others out there. However, it has s trick, it can flip half way and fly upside down. Lights indicate the change, landing gear goes both ways, no matter what, this drone is facing up.

To get creative with the UDI Freddom U32, drop $35 on Amazon today.


Intel may be the current leader when it comes to choreographed flight. We’ve seen their Shooting Star drone up close and personal, but one in hand pales compared to hundreds of them flying in formation at Disney or over the Super Bowl.

Problem is, Intel has made it clear that Shooting Star is not headed to consumers anytime soon. Don’t fret, we can enjoy choreographed flight at home without them.

Ehang Ghostdrone 2

Also seen in our Best GoPro drones list

Determined to get in on the fun, Ehang has put their Ghostdrone to use on the same scale as Intel. You and I will have it a little harder to perform on this scale, but the tools exist, you can grab an Ehang Ghostdrone 2 and organize your own flight.

Check out the Ehang Ghostdrone for $219 on Amazon today.

ZeroTech Dobby

Also seen in our Best selfie drones list

This compact, folding selfie drone has another trick up its sleeve, you can put a few of them together at home and fly them in pattern. We watched this in action at the NAB Show in April, it was great fun. The drones are controlled by a single mobile device and operate over top of a coded floor. There are a few default aerial dances included in the software, or code your own to fly in circles around a stage.

Check out the ZeroTech Dobby for $349 on Amazon today.

Wrap up

When it comes to stunt drones, there are really only a few on the market that focus their efforts on some basic maneuvers. The rest is now up to you. Get out there with a flying machine, something agile and easily repairable, and create some new techniques. In this regard, most any drone that doesn’t fly itself can be the best stunt drone for you.

What is your favorite drone stunt?

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