Waterloo Region EVA

A startup called Havelaar Canada has recently announced an all-electric pickup truck at the EMC show in Markham, Ontario. It’s called the Bison E-Pickup and is, according to the press release, specifically “built for tough Canadian weather conditions and challenging terrain.”

The vehicle features an all-wheel-drive system and has a range of at least 300 kilometers (186 miles) on a full charge. It has a very modern and minimalistic interior with a touchscreen display in the center console that allows you to control certain functionalities of the EV.

The Bison E-Pickup has a carbon fiber reinforced steel space frame and quite a rugged-looking exterior. It was developed in partnership with the University of Toronto and will be manufactured in Ontario. When exactly will that happen is a mystery for now.

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May 19, 2017

The Bison E-Pickup is a concept, which means it probably won’t be available on the market for some time. The company did not share any information regarding its possible release date and also didn’t’ mention how much the EV will cost once it goes on sale.

Electric trucks do have a bright future ahead, especially if companies will be able to sell them at reasonable prices. As the demand increases, we’ll see more and more companies enter the industry with their own vehicles, with Tesla being one of them. The EV manufacturer is expected to take the wraps off the Tesla Semi in September.

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