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Mercedes promises 10 cars by 2025, but so what?

Mercedes has set its sights on producing 10 electric cars by 2025 and the Generation EQ SUV will open the floodgates to a slew of new EVs.
avatarby Nick HallNovember 1, 20160 comments

Tesla Model S crashes into Mercedes dealership

A Tesla Model S has run off the road, launched over the top of an E Class and smashed into a Mercedes dealership in England.
avatarby Nick HallOctober 29, 20160 comments

Daimler plans $1.1 billion battery investment

Mercedes' parent company Daimler has pledged to plough more than $1 billion into subsidiary firm ACCUmotive to power the next generation.
avatarby Nick HallOctober 12, 20160 comments

Mercedes offers wireless charging for S-Class hybrid

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the first commercial wireless charging system as an optional extra on the 2017 S550e plug-in hybrid.
avatarby Nick HallOctober 12, 20160 comments

Mercedes signs up for Formula E Championship

Mercedes-Benz will join the Formula E grid in 2018 and Formula E suddenly has more road car manufacturers involved than Formula One.
avatarby Nick HallOctober 5, 20160 comments

Mercedes launches Generation EQ, the all-electric SUV and the gateway to the future

Mercedes has finally unveiled the all-important EQ sub brand, a stunning SUV that will spearhead the campaign and a master plan. We like it, a lot.
avatarby Nick HallSeptember 29, 20160 comments

Mercedes-Benz and Kia announce Android Auto support for new models

Google announced the availability of Android Auto on new models from Mercedes-Benz and Kia. Here's what you need to know.
avatarby Jonathan FeistSeptember 29, 20160 comments
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