Chevrolet, through their subsidiary Cruise Automation, has been had their new Bolt electric car autonomously driving around San Francisco. Under the codename Albatross, Chevrolet has released some more dash-cam footage of their efforts, this time, with a camera on the driver.

Claiming this to be an impromptu destination, Chevrolet says that employees have been enjoying autonomous rides for as much as 10,000 miles in California in 2016. Let’s just dive in, see this little trip through San Francisco in action.

Admitting that the footage itself is a little short of being amazing, it is great to see results coming out of the GM camp. This is particularly interesting when you consider that GM has half of a billion dollars invested into Lyft. If a fleet of GM built autonomous cars are destined to show up at our doors when we hail a ride by 2021, now is certainly the time we appreciate seeing some results.

Breaking things down, what we are seeing is a pretty straightforward drive through San Francisco. Employees hail a ride using the Cruise mobile app, which is given to select persons only. Riders are required to remain at the wheel and vigilant of the journey, ready to take over if the vehicle drops out of autonomous mode. This has happened, apparently, 181 times in 2016, a result of unsafe situations that the car was not equipped to handle, or straight up errors, we’re not sure.

Going beyond the video, we are very excited for the idea of a completely autonomous Chevrolet Bolt. The award winning electric car is a long way from being a Tesla competitor on a performance scale, but we’ve been out to see it a couple times now, in LA and Detroit. Bottom line, we think the Bolt a viable competitor to Toyota’s Prius, with full autonomous driving giving it the edge.

Are you excited for a self-driving GM product?

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