Chevrolet introduced a new plug-in hybrid at the Shanghai Auto Show this week. The FNR-X is a sporty looking small SUV with a few tricks up its sleeve, including driving modes, switching power sources and more.

The concept electric vehicle comes with a long list of unique ideas and features, we can only hope that some of these Chevy FNR-X concept car features make it to market.

GM has been working hard to catch up in the hybrid and electric car market. Their progress with the Chevy Bolt EV has been intriguing to watch – on one hand, the car is superb and has some self-driving accomplishments, but at the same time, sales are not going so well.

Perhaps an issue with the Bolt EV is that it is not as cool looking as the new FNR-X concept. Not suggesting the concept is without a few awkward design decisions, of course, but we’ll forgive the unbalanced futuristic looks for some of the interesting features.

Not entirely new is the selection of driving modes, Sport and Versatility, which, if nothing else, raises and lowers the vehicle for aerodynamic or ground clearance. Also not new is the ability for the car to switch between motor and engine on the fly. Continuing with what is not new to the market with the FNR-X, automatically adjusting spoilers for aerodynamics at speed. What is new, at least on a road car, side skirts that also move to reduce wind drag. That goes for self-adjusting grille shutters and switchable wheel blades as well.

Optical and acoustic sensors surround the car, a 270 degree rear camera ensures safe backing and “highly autonomous driver assistance” helps navigate complex road conditions. I think they’re talking about off-roading there.

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Finally, GM says the Chevy FNR-X offers intelligent connected mobility, an OLED display system, a speech interaction system and an “ID-customizable” information system. We’re pretty interested to find out what that all means. We’re also interested to learn an expected timeframe for the SUV, how much it might cost and if it will hit the U.S. or simply live in China.

Stay tuned for more great cars from the Shanghai Auto Show. But before you go, here are some press shots of the concept car. Enjoy.

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