Chevrolet has gone and stopped producing their tiny electric car, the Spark EV. It turns out that only 7500 of you have purchased this electric car in the last 3 years, and the folks at GM knew why, thus the new Bolt was released.

We were on hand for the Bolt launch at the LA Auto show in 2016, a car that immediately struck us as being far more capable of a vehicle, regardless the powertrain. With the Volt exiting production, and Bolt production ramping up, it’s a no-brainer which you should consider buying now.

It turns out that the Spark EV ceased production back in the summer of 2016, so now is the time to purchase, if you still want one brand new and can find one. With two doors, a range that you’d expect to find on an electric scooter instead of a car, and a fairly steep price for such a tiny vehicle, we don’t imagine many of you will be jumping at the chance.

More specific numbers, for those interested, that’s an approximate 82 mile maximum range per charge, with a starting price around $26,000. Perhaps Chevrolet was taking the gamble that the electric drive would, um, drive sales, but we imagine that idea wore off when they took to the drawing board for the Bolt.

The Chevrolet Bolt, on the other hand, enjoys a promised range of 238 miles per charge. It is a larger vehicle, has better interior technology and options and is only a few thousand dollars more expensive.

The Bolt has been in the news a lot around here, especially for winning the car of the year award at the Detroit Auto Show. Look for your own Bolt purchasing options across the United States by fall 2017. Until then, we’re not sure what you want to do if you want an electric vehicle from GM, rent a Prius Prime¬†from Toyota for now, I suppose.

We also met with the folks from Chevrolet in Detroit, be sure to check out that interview as well.

Will you be purchasing a Chevrolet Bolt EV?

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