December 3, 2016


If you’ve been looking for a fully electric car that won’t break the bank, Chevy has a new option that might be worth looking into.

The Chevy Bolt boasts quite a long range for a fully electric vehicle, and can be had at about half the cost of a Tesla Model S when all is said and done. Starting at at $37,495 without any local or federal local rebates, the car can be had for even less depending on your region. If you want to get the premium driver assist programs or trim however, you’ll have to pay an additional $4,285 for the opportunity.

The company showed off pre-production models at CES in January, but says it is finally ready to ship out the first production line versions by the end of the year (if you live in California, that is). By default, the vehicle will come in grey or blue, but customers can also get other colors like red for a bit extra. DC fast charging is also a premium feature here, so if you want all the bells and whistles, the car will cost about $44,000 total before taxes.

Chevy is really hoping that the electric vehicle trend catches on. A report out of Bloomberg suggests that the company might actually be losing money on every car, to the tune of a cool $9,000. That’s not a small number, but if more customers start purchasing the vehicles, Chevy will obviously be able to produce the vehicle more en mass, which would vastly reduce the price of each unit. In addition, electric battery technology is advancing extremely rapidly, so the next few years could see a drastic drop in production costs for the vehicle’s components.

If you want to configure your own vehicle, you can do so here. If you’re outside of California, you’re likely going to have to wait until the beginning of 2017, so be warned about that.

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