Chevy had quite lofty goals when they announced their Bolt EV availability last year. While they originally wanted to have the vehicle out to all 50 states on launch, that proved a bit difficult in execution. They eventually changed their plans to do a slower rollout over time, and have finally announced that the car should be available all over the US come September.

As you can see from the image above, the car is being pushed out to new locations almost every month, so expect to see it in your state soon. When this image says “dealerships”, it really only means approved dealerships, so make sure your local shop will carry the car before heading over.

The manufacturer created 579 of the cars in 2016, which is a decent amount, but only 1/5 of what they will need to produce in January in order to meet sales goals. With availability expanding almost every month, Chevy will need to pump out cars a bit faster to meet demand.

Interested in this car? Let us know when it becomes available in your state!

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