The Chevy Volt EV isn’t making its full nationwide roll-out until 2017, but lucky residents of California and Oregon will be able to to purchase the vehicle just a bit earlier. GM says these residents will have access to their electric car by the end of 2016, and are even launching a leasing plan to help prospective buyers make the car a bit more affordable.

If you want to buy the car outright, you can get it for a flat $30,000 after the $7,500 federal tax credit, but if you lease the vehicle GM will be the one getting the credit. The company is hoping to use that credit to make the car a little more acquirable for the general consumer though, and is keeping monthly payments low while not requiring any cash down.

If you take advantage of GM’s leasing option and also cash in their $2,500 mail-in rebate, you will be able to get the car for $309 a month with no cash down. That doesn’t seem too bad for a brand new fully electric car. Leasehackr was recently able to get their hands on the official leasing program, so here it is in all it’s glory.


The program is apparently only valid until 2017, so if you were wanting to get your hands on an electric car by the end of the year, this isn’t a bad option.

If you drive a lot, an electric car could save you an incredible amount of money every month. If you estimate your monthly fuel use to be $307 or more already, it would be a pretty good deal to lease this car essentially for free and then have a good vehicle once your payments are up in 36 months.

Many dealerships are reporting getting the car in stock next week, so it would be advantageous to call your local dealer and see if they have them. Since the promotion is only valid for another month, you don’t have long to take advantage.

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