March 20, 2017

GM just started ramping up production of their Bolt EV 3 months ago, but it seems that may not have been such a good idea.

It seems that dealerships are having quite a bit of trouble selling this vehicle, likely due to a lack of cash-back incentives. Dealers were apparently hoping for a strong level of demand for the vehicles from its strong marketing and feature sets, but it seems consumers just aren’t buying them quite yet. The car was only available to California and Oregon for the first couple of months as well, leading to a very limited launch and possible stall of consumer excitement.

Automotive News recently did a solid amount of ¬†research, and found that many dealers were discounting the Bolt EV by over 10%, hoping to move stock while they are taking up a sufficient amount of space. One dealership in Long Beach California opted to mark their Bolt EV’s down more than $5,200, essentially the same as common incentives offered by the government.

Do you think the discounts are enough to start moving inventory? Did GM mess up by only offering them in two states at launch?

Let us know.

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