It was only a couple weeks ago we talked about the new Intel Advanced Vehicle Lab, out of which BMW and Intel were announcing their Mobileye powered autonomous vehicles. Now, it appears that Delphi is officially in on the self-driving movement, providing internal computing components for the systems.

So, what’s new? Aside from everything this means for autonomous vehicles moving forward, it means that we’ll see Delphi systems in BMW vehicles in addition to the Audi SUVs we’ve seen already.

The end goal of a 2021 release of a production platform is all but guaranteed with this group of thinkers. The idea is not just to create another BMW that can drive itself, the goal is to create a marketable product that any vehicle manufacturer can plug into their own cars.

Delphi is a long time part supplier for GM. They know how to market to the manufacturers, and more importantly, make products that integrate with the various systems.

We’re not sure if the Dephi systems will be in place for the first forty test fleet vehicles Intel has announced by end of year. They’ll be providing software and computing components that tie together sensors and cameras, providing much of the smarts of the automated driving experience.

We’re pretty excited for the future of autonomous vehicles, we’ll be keeping tabs on Intel, BWM, Mobileye and now Delphi moving forward.

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