April 9, 2017


Before our North American fans get too excited, Europe is the home of the latest racing series, the Electric GT. Prepare to watch several Tesla Model S P100D scoot around the track starting in France in November.

We have seen the Tesla Model S do some amazing things on the track already, but mostly in a straight line. Now we get to see if this North American car can take corners¬†– you Europeans know what I’m talking about.

While the Tesla Model S is already in the 2 second range for a zero to sixty time, expect better of the stripped down ‘racing’ versions of the car headed to track. Advanced cooling methods are in the works and they’ve shaved about 1100 lbs from the car.

The races will be weekend events with twenty minutes of practice time, an hour of qualifying then a 60 km day race followed by a 60 km night race. That sounds like a fun way to celebrate technology, sustainability and innovation, at least that’s the words they are using. We’re mostly just excited to see really fast Tesla cars.

The first race will be held November 25 to 26 at the Paul Ricard track in France, the next race location has not yet been announced for January 2018. After that, March through July will be Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. September over in the UK and October down in Spain.

Stay tuned for some exciting high-speed fun with the Tesla Model S P100D.

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