When you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you usually think of big things. Metal things. Gas powered, exploding things that helped to shape the American view of what the testosterone-injected masculine stereotype would become. Political views aside, Schwarzenegger has not exactly been associated with clean energy in the past. The large, destructive objects he wielded and drove in his films were coupled with the nationalist view of American ingenuity and power, which were, until recently, fueled by gas and coal.

Over the last few years however, the Govern-ator that most everyone has grown to love has been pushing climate change as one of the biggest threats to the world as we know it, and has now teamed up with Mercedes and Austrian startup Kreisel Electric to show the world just how ‘manly’ electric power can be.

Arnold and the two companies have been working together for some time now, and have just shown off quite an impressive hunk of a vehicle. At a press event, they showed off a new custom all-electric Mercedes G-Class which Kreisel says has a range of 190 miles. The battery has 80 kWh of stored power, and weighs just about as much as a Tesla battery pack.

The company says the car can reach a peak speed of 133 mph, and has an impressive 0-62 time of 5.6 seconds, which is actually 3 whole seconds faster than its gas-powered cousin. Schwarzenegger is planning on bringing the vehicle back to California with him to test on the roads of the golden state, and will be providing feedback as to what the two companies can do better in the future. If all goes well, it would not be unlikely for Mercedes to start pumping these out en-masse in a couple of years.

What are your thoughts on the vehicle? It really is a sight to behold, and the battery pack is quite beautiful in its own right.

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