Lynk & Co is the new global brand for the Chinese auto maker, Geely. Their second concept car is all electric, built off of a Volvo framework with a fun, modern-muscle car design. If this is the future of design from the now Geely owned Volvo Cars, we have few complaints.

Volvo plans to have its own electric cars on the road by 2020, while we respect the tried and true design of Volvo vehicles to date, we are really excited to see this new Lynk & Co concept.

The Volvo Compact Modular Architecture is the base of this new car design, which has been leaked out a little prematurely for a full launch. In fact, we know nothing of the car except it is expected to be full electric. That is, we can gather a fair amount of non-technical info from the large selection of photos, but that’s sums up our knowledge for now.

Their previous concept vehicle, the 01, is said to be a hybrid crossover headed for the Chinese market later this year. The 01 should then make it over to Europe and the US in 2018.

The photos of the latest Volvo-based Lynk & Co electric concept are pretty well all we have for now, so let’s dive in and enjoy the views.



Photographed by Fredrik Etoall – hit the link to see all of the images, we only captured a few.

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