The Rimac Concept One is a 218mph hypercar and now it has proved how good it can be at crawling speeds by going off-road at Pebble Beach.

Don’t get too excited, it didn’t slide round a rally course with the tail out. Instead the Concept One climbed a wood chip hill that would defeat most modern cars. It looks like it is climbing into its show spot, which would make sense for the static display part of America’s premier luxury car show. But then it turns round and goes back down again.

There is actually a point to this

So in one sense it is totally pointless. In another sense this video demonstrates one of the Rimac’s key skills that is much harder to spot at speed.

The Concept One might have 811kW (1088bhp) at its disposal, but that’s no use here. What does matter is that the Rimac has a motor for each wheel, which gives it all-wheel torque vectoring. That means it can precisely meter the power to each wheel and generate traction where there simply shouldn’t be any.

The Rimac All Wheel Drive Torque Vectoring system monitors each motor 100 times per second and employs data from a number of different sensors to determine just what the car is doing and how traction can be applied. That is just as relevant on a steep hill as it is during a 150mph slide.

It also helped the Rimac generate enough traction off the line to smoke a LaFerrari in a recent drag race.

Your can set the car up as you like

Inside the car, the driver can set the car up for oversteer, understeer or neutral handling characteristics. So it’s arguably the first hypercar you can set up without tools. That level of control also extends to raising the suspension, which is handy on rough roads, in the city and when you’re impressing the folks at Pebble Beach.

A version of the system also helped Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima to the fastest time at last year’s Pike’s Peak hillclimb. The Japanese driver dominated the competition, beating every petrol-powered car with his Tajima Rimac e-Runner.

GoPro produced a stunning video of the team’s 2014 assault on the hill, so if you haven’t see it then enjoy!

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