Elon Musk is proud of the accomplishments thus far for his boring company, The Boring Company. A set of images and a short video show off just how the project will work, at least in the early days, alleviating traffic concerns in the LA area.

With tunnel digging machine in hand, and a handful of engineers and interns at the ready, the real world efforts are a little more gritty than the render videos.

Godot is the name of the first machine to dig holes for Tesla, which Musk has shown off in photos. He also has images of the entry point for which the digging machine began its subterranean journey. That journey will see travel from the Tesla parking lot, over to the LAX airport and up to, well, Musk’s house, apparently.

The official locations for the first tunnel are LAX to Culver City, Santa Monica, Westwood and Sherman Oaks.

Once complete, the idea is to runs sleds underground. These sleds, which are very similar to early Hyperloop test sleds, will carry your entire car from stop to stop. Delivering you to your destination will not be about driving places, never mind self-driving cars, this project takes care of all of the transportation and safety.

The sleds would travel on underground tracks, speeding along at 125 mph, in a relative straight line between points. If you’ve ever driven LA metro area roads during rush hour, I suspect you might be excited about this project. I certainly am, and I only visit LA for a couples weeks per year.

What do you think, would you travel underground in a boring tunnel?

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