Faraday FFZero1 Concept

The already troubled Faraday Future electric car company has reportedly suffered yet another major setback. Ding Lei, who was rumored to be the company’s unofficial CEO, has now apparently left just days before a planned press event at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas.

The report comes from The Verge, citing unnamed sources. Technically, Faraday Future doesn’t have an official CEO, but many reports state that Lei was basically in charge of the company. He is a co-founder of China-based LeEco, which is a major investor in Faraday Future. So far, the company has not issued an official statement on the status of Lei.

This news comes just a few days after two more major executives at the car company have reported departed. They included Marco Mattiacci, its Chief Brand and Commercial Officer, and Joerg Sommer, its Vice President of Product Marketing and Growth. In these two cases, the departures were reportedly not voluntary, with rumors that both were laid off due to budget issues. Again, Faraday Future has not confirmed any of these reports.

All of these executives leaving the company could not have come at a worse time. We are now less than a week away from its big CES 2017 press event on Tuesday, January 3. Faraday Future plans to live stream the event for people who cannot attend in Las Vegas and it is highly expected to show off its final production vehicle. The company has also released a few teaser images of the upcoming car, with its futuristic looks.

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