Faraday Future has received 64,124 reservations for its upcoming FF 91 car in less than 36 hours, the company announced in a Facebook post. The US startup, established in 2014, unveiled the electric vehicle at CES on Wednesday, launching pre-orders for the car soon afterwards.

The 64,124 reservations, while impressive, are based on a $5,000 fully refundable deposit for a “priority” reservation and a completely free standard reservation. For comparison, Tesla took 520 reservations in one week for its Model S in 2009 around 250,000 reservations for its Model 3 vehicle in 36 hours last year.

The FF 91 features a comprehensive driving system, with more than 30 cameras in place to support safe, self-driving capabilities. Its 200kW DC charging system is said to provide up to 500 miles of driving per hour of charge, and the vehicle also benefits from Faraday Future’s FFID technology, which will help the car learn from individual drivers.

The FF 91 is intended to go into production in 2018. We covered the car’s launch in detail on Wednesday; check out all our thoughts on it here, or watch the live-stream coverage from the launch event below.

Faraday Future | FF 91 Vehicle Reveal

Watch the live reveal of FF 91, our flagship production vehicle. Held at the start of #CES2017 in Las Vegas, this event showcases our vision for the future of next-generation, connected mobility.#FirstOfTheSpecies

Faraday Future 发布于 2017年1月4日

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