There has been a pretty significant amount of drama surrounding prospective “Tesla Killer” Faraday Future in the last couple of weeks. Two high-level executives ended their run with the company just last week, and yet the group has been touting tonight’s particular unveiling to a particularly high degree. Why is this, you might ask? It’s because the company has just unveiled its first production car the FF91, which it is touting as the “new species” of transportation.

The company says they want to take an approach of “multifaceted disruption”, forcing the auto industry to change immediately on a drastic scale. Faraday says the FF91 begins chapter 1 of a world where clean, integrated transportation experiences help you to move on with your life without missing a beat. The car will feature a dual antenna system with 802.11ac wifi to stream your favorite music, movies, and data wherever you go, and can even learn from you using a unique identifier system it calls the FFID. Faraday seem to be taking a very LeEco style approach with this interface, bringing your entertainment with you anywhere you go, and we’ve got to admit it looks pretty good. They even brought LeEco founder and CEO YT Jia to demonstrate the FF91’s self-driving feature (which didn’t actually work during the demo…). Jia’s LeEco is the financiar backer of Faraday Future.

A rider’s FFID follows the user as they move from car to car. Whenever a rider enters a Faraday Future vehicle, the car will be able to recognize the user and automatically bring up their favorite content, including shows, music, and more. The company says the software is able to learn from each rider, and becomes more accurate to the user over time. Your FFID tracks you in almost every way, from how you like to drive to what content you enjoy while on the road. It learns your likes and dislikes the more you use it, which the company is describing as the future of driving technology.

The FF91 is touted to have one of the most comprehensive driving systems available on the market today, with over 30 cameras to provide the safest experience possible. The car’s “3D LIDAR” technology pulses lasers around the vehicle to map the world for enhanced safety. Using this technology, the car is able to work as a driverless valet, dropping you off and finding a parking spot afterwards. The company showed a live demo of the vehicle finding a parking space, demonstrating that while the technology may be in its early days, it can successfully perform this function.

The FF91 uses what Faraday likes to call the “most powerful electrical system of all time”. The car uses an open charging system, meaning it can use any charging standard on the market today. If you want to use the fastest charging available however, Faraday’s own charger can pump 500 miles of juice into the vehicle in 1 hour at a rate of 200 kilowatt hours. The company is using a cell with 130 kilowatt hours of battery capacity, which it says can achieve excess of 378 miles without needing more juice. This is pretty impressive, as the highest end Tesla Model S P100D can only get a little over 300 miles on a charge.

The car isn’t just efficient, however. It can apparently output peak power of 1050 horsepower, which is unprecedented for an electric vehicle. The company says it has patented a new battery system which allows the battery to keep from overheating and keep the power at optimum levels. Using this technology, the FF91 is able to achieve a 0-60 time of 2.34 seconds, the fastest of any car on the market. To show this off, Faraday Future put the vehicle head to head against a Bentley, Ferrari, Tesla Model X P100D, and Tesla Model S P100D live on stage. Using a long race track, Faraday Future showed the FF91 beating out some the world’s fastest cars, hitting 60 miles per hour in 2.59 seconds during this test.

The company is building a 3,000,000 square foot facility to build this vehicle, which it says will help to deliver the “greatest electric experience” available on the market. Since this vehicle is supposedly getting ready for mass production, the factory should be ready to spew these vehicles out like no tomorrow.


You can create your FFID online right now at, so head over there if you want to reserve your car today.Though Faraday Future didn’t specify a price it will be launching at, it did mention that the vehicles would be hitting the market in 2018. Prospective buyers can pre-order the vehicle for $5,000, and will be getting their models sometime in 2018. This amount is fully refundable, so if you decide the car isn’t for you, you can get your money back completely.


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