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Fiat 500e

It looks like quite a few of the Fiat 500e electric cars, which were leased in 2013, are making their way back to dealerships at the end of their leases. According to a report from Jalopnik, these cars are now selling at very low prices.

Looking at the data above, we can see that the Fiat 500e is selling for as little as $4,200 which is quite the bargain considering that when new, the car retailed for around $30,000. That means its price dropped by more than 85 percent in only three short years.

But keep in mind that these EVs are selling at wholesale auctions, which are reserved for car dealers. Therefore, their final retail price is quite a bit higher. Looking at some of the used car ads online, we can see that on average, dealers have more than a 100 percent markup on the Fiat 500e electric cars. They start at around $11,000, which we think is still a bargain.

But the Fiat 500e isn’t the only off-lease EV that sells cheaply at wholesale auctions. There are others as well, including the Cadillac ELR and the Tesla Model S. The former (2014) is listed as low as $24,500 while the lowest price of the latter (2013) is $31,000.

But again, these are wholesale prices and once the EVs will be available at car dealerships, their prices will be bumped up quite a bit.

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