April 21, 2017

China has ambitious plans to reduce air pollution in its cities, and it looks like Ford has ambitious plans to fully utilize that to push its hybrid vehicles there.

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February 6, 2017

China has the world’s biggest EV market

With subsidies of $4.5 billion last year alone, China is betting big on electric vehicles to reduce pollution in its major metropolitan areas. Not only has the Chinese government set new, stricter fuel consumption standards, but it’s also been trying t to ensure that China is the new hotspot for up and coming EV start-ups as well as established automakers looking to manufacture zero-emission vehicles.

China’s strategy has been working quite well so far: car companies like Ford have already created local joint ventures to produce and sell hybrid vehicles in China, and rumor has it, the list is only going to grow in the future. Well, Ford seems to be taking full advantage of what China has to offer and has announced that 70 percent of all Ford vehicles sold in China will be hybrids by 2025.

Expanding on hybrids and EVs in China

Detroit-based US automaker said in a recent statement that 70 percent of all vehicles sold in China by 2025 will be hybrids or fully electric. Ford already has a joint venture with Chongqing Changan, and they’re expected to launch the 2018 Mondeo Energi sedan next year, their first ever locally built plug-in hybrid.

According to the company, the 2018 Mondeo Energi will have 31 miles of electric range or around 50 km. Ford and Chongqing Changan have been manufacturing and selling a conventional hybrid version of the vehicle since last year. Ford also stated that it plans to release an all-electric SUV within the next five years, which will have around 280 miles of pure electric ranger per charge. That’s around 450 km.

With plans to build electric powertrains in China by 2020, Ford seems to consider China a very important market:

We are prioritizing our electrification efforts on China to reflect its importance as a global electrified vehicle market and to make lives better, simpler and more cost effective for Chinese consumers. – CEO Mark Fields.

But Ford is not the only one. As China continues to introduce aggressive subsidies on zero-emission vehicles, it is likely that we will see more companies follow the footsteps of Ford viz Volkswagen and General Motors.

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