Spark Racing

As the all electric racing series continues to grow, we’re seeing photos of the next generation of Formula E race cars. Not only do the cars look great, but they sound like they’ll be much better vehicles as well.

Spark Racing Technologies has won the tender to build the new cars, and have released some of their plans for next season.

The first, and possibly only update that will change the race for all, almost double the battery life. The 28kWh of current cars will be replaced by 54kWh cells for about 45 minutes of racing. If you’ve watched a Formula E race, you may have noticed that racers change cars part way through, because their batteries are running low. It’s possible that these new cars can finish a race on a charge now, or come a lot closer at least.

Extra battery life requires larger and heavier batteries, tweaks to the car otherwise reduce weight, resulting in an overall lighter car. Of course, vehicle drivetrain and aerodynamics have been improved, resulting in faster and more efficient travel.

Spark Racing

The new cars are called the SRT05e, an update and a half from the early Spark Renault SRT01. They’ll be on their way for the 2018-2019 season. Expect to see players like Faraday Future, Mercedes and BMW with logos on the cars.

More details on the new cars, as well as changes we can expect to see for the upcoming season, will be announced in Buenos Aires soon.

Are you a fan of the Formula E series, or are the noisy gas guzzlers more your style?

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