MHI Vestas

You thought your windmill was big, off the coast of Denmark stands a wind turbine that generates over 215,000 kWh of electricity every day. We’re talking about enough electricity to run nearly 7200 average American homes. This is enough to break the companies own previous world record for energy generation from a single turbine.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is the Danish company making headlines, and the V164 9MW is the beast of a turbine making waves.

The V164 is an offshore turbine designed to suck up all those great ocean breezes. At nominal wind speeds of between 27 to 56 mph, it will take a minimum of 9 mph winds to keep the blades turning.

Oregon wind farms use turbines with an approximate height of 260 feet and approx. 303 feet diameter rotor swaths. The V164 9MW absolutely towers over these, at 722 feet tall. Each blade is 263 feet itself, for a total diameter of over double that of the smaller towers you may have seen along the highway. For reference, the Seattle Space Needle is less than 700 feet, and the Eiffel Tower is a little over 900 feet. Here is an image of approximate size comparison:

Approximate size, compared to Oregon wind farms

Years in the making, the reported tests were run back in December, but MHI Vestas thinks the turbine is ready for sales now. The previous 8MW version of the V164 has been operational and for sale to wind farm developers since 2014.

With the large size producing higher efficiency than many smaller turbines, the V164 9MW is projected to produce energy for less than US$125 per megawatt-hour. Best of all, the unit itself was design with the environment in mind, using easily recycled materials for the planned end-of-life of the units, in 25 years.

We’d love to see this size of turbine make it to the many wind farms across North America, where wind energy and other renewable energy sources are slowly taking over from fossil fuels.

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