The wait may be nearly over for Google’s self-driving car project to leave the house and find its own way in the world. A new report says that the team has been hiring a number of executives to new positions ahead of its spinoff away from Alphabet’s X “moonshot” team.

According to Recode, the team has brought in Kevin Vosen as its chief legal officer and is currently looking for a head of real estate. The actual job listing for the latter position says the team is planning to experience “significant growth in both team size and geographical footprint”. It added that whomever is hired will have to “use the workspace and amenities skillfully (e.g. food, fitness) to add to the ‘top line’ of the business by attracting and retaining talent.”

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The current head of Google’s self-driving project, John Krafcik, stated earlier this year that the spinoff is expected to happen “soon” but so far there’s been no official indication when exactly that will happen. There’s also no word on how much the team expects to expand in terms of workers or physical locations. Google already has self-driving offices in Mountain View, California, Austin, Texas, Kirkland, Washington and Phoenix, Arizona. One thing is for sure: Google is sticking with its ambitious self-driving car plans even while others, including Apple, seem to be hesitating.

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