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The best electric cars of 2017

It’s a question that crops up all the time: “What is the best electric car?” Of course, it seems like a straightforward question. But if the market confuses you, we’re here to help.

by Nick Hall April 25, 20170 comments

The 10 best electric motorcycles - April 2017

by Nick Hall April 15, 20170 comments

Best drones for sale - professional and consumer grade

by Jonathan Feist April 21, 20170 comments

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced announced - it's all about the camera

by Jonathan Feist April 13, 20170 comments
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Mercedes-Benz and Vivint Solar to take on Tesla with home energy system

Mercedes-Benz Energy has joined forces with Vivint Solar to create a product that combines energy storage batteries and solar panels.
by Mitja Rutnik6 days ago
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TED 2017: Watch Elon Musk talk about the future of Tesla, SpaceX, and more

Check out the conversation Elon Musk had with TED’s Head Curator Chris Anderson, where he talked about the projects he is currently working on.
by Mitja Rutnik3 weeks ago
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Latest Tesla app update adds Powerwall support

You can now control certain functionalities of your Powerwall and check on a number of things (power flow...) with the latest version of the Tesla app.
by Mitja RutnikApril 21, 2017

3.4 million solar panels in Australia will make up world’s largest combined solar and battery farm

Lyon Group building large solar and battery farm in South Australia. 3.4 million panels and 1.1 million batteries will put a dent in power shortages.
by Jonathan FeistApril 12, 2017
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Tesla quietly unveils new solar panels with sleek, low-profile design

Tesla's new solar panels are made in partnership with Panasonic and offer a sleek, low-profile design with no visible mounting hardware.
by Mitja RutnikApril 10, 2017
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We have more electronics, but power production down in the US

Despite having more gadgets than ever, US energy production was down about four percent in 2016, renewable energy sources were up, coal down.
by Jonathan FeistApril 3, 2017
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Japanese research firm breaks consumer-friendly solar cell record

Japanese researchers at Kaneka Corporation have created solar panels that have a photo conversion rate of a whopping 26 percent.
by Brian ReighMarch 23, 2017
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Elon Musk says Tesla can solve South Australia’s power crisis in 100 days

Elon Musk says Tesla can solve South Australia's power problems within 100 days by building a 100MW battery storage farm.
by Mitja RutnikMarch 10, 2017
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Tesla builds massive solar energy station on the island of Kauai

Called the Kapaia project, it's a combination of a 13MW SolarCity solar farm and 53MWh Tesla Powerpack station located on the island of Kauai.
by Mitja RutnikMarch 9, 2017
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Hyundai shows off its new zero-emission fuel cell concept car

Hyundai showed off a new hydrogen-based fuel cell concept car today as part of its efforts at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.
by John CallahamMarch 7, 2017
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