Rimac sub-division Greyp has revealed an electric bicycle that, in its own special way, is just as cool as the Concept One electric supercar.

The GreypG12H can cover an epic 150 miles on a single charge thanks to a 3kWh battery. That’s enough to cover most weekly urban commutes and Rimac claims that a 10-mile trip would cost just 2.3c, which is surely all the encouragement some people need, and it recharges in 80 minutes from a standard power outlet.

Officially, in some places, it’s a moped

This is, essentially, a development of the GreypG12S, which is an electric off-road bike with a 43.5mph top speed. Don’t get excited, though, the street regs get complicated and the company has limited this one to 28mph.

That still means it’s officially classified as a moped under EU regulations, which means it could run into problems on European bike paths. But on US soil, it seems to be on more solid ground and it could be a perfect commuter vehicle. Greyp has yet to confirm the price, but it will be close to the outgoing bike’s sticker price of $9,250.

Electric bikes have yet to truly come into their own, but their time is coming. The price needs to come down and either the manufacturers or the local city councils will need to go on a serious PR offensive, as right now bikes are intrinsically linked to physical exertion and the very real possibility of ending up under a car.

The truth is, though, that electric bikes could be the most convenient way round the city for most commuters and mass adoption could end gridlock overnight.

Avoidable gridlock has to stop

The situation we have right now with one person in a big car helping to bring the city to a grinding halt during rush hour just isn’t acceptable in the long run. Electric bikes are a real answer and the local councils will have to encourage them with either incentives or plain brute force.

Urban planners could play their part and literally ban cars from the city center altogether. That would pave the way for near-silent electric bikes, with their own cycle ways that could make the inner city a much more pleasant place to be.

Designer electric bikes from the same company that built the stunning Concept One hypercar will help give electric bikes a touch of glamor. Footballing superstar Lionel Messi has one of the older models and this is the kind of designer bike that could very easily become a green celebrity fashion accessory.

We hope it does, because it will fuel the electric bike movement and we’re sure that’s a good thing.


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