Google’s newly renamed Waymo technology for self-driving vehicles may get a major new partner. Honda has confirmed it is in early talks with Google’s parent company Alphabet about adding the Waymo tech inside its cars.

The press announcement says that, if an agreement can be reached between the two companies, Honda will add some of its cars to the current planned fleet of vehicles that will use Waymo tech. Those cars will be tested on the roads of four cities in the US.

Honda engineers in Silicon Valley, California and Tochigi, Japan, would also work closely with Waymo engineers in Mountain View, California and Novi, Michigan. Again, the deal itself has not been finalized, so it’s possible that the two companies might decide not to work with each other after all. Google already has an agreement to put the same technology inside a number of cars made by Fiat Chrysler.

Google and Alphabet announced just last week that its self-driving car project would be spun off into its own company, Waymo. At the same time, Google is also putting its earlier plans to build its own self-driving vehicles with no steering wheel or pedals on hold for now, although it could decide to go back to those ideas sometime in the future.

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