There are two separate companies looking to fulfill Elon Musk’s dream of creating a new form of rapid transportation. While many think of Hyperloop One when the project comes up in conversation, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is also looking to push the envelope by creating their own version of Musk’s vision. A project of this scale needs a decent testing facility however, and it seems as though the French city of Toulouse has opted to grant the company use of a 3,000-meter building to set up shop.

The city is also providing outdoor terrain for the company to use for experiments, which is location at Francazal Airport. Toulouse government wants to turn this area into an “innovation area”, which Hyperloop Transportation Technologies should be very useful in kick-starting.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is hoping to focus most of its efforts in European cities, while the other well known Hyperloop One is mostly focusing on the USA and Asia. In this way, the companies are able to develop their unique but similar technologies without overstepping one another’s bounds.

We’re pretty excited to see what both companies can produce, and we’re hoping that the technology becomes a reality sooner than later.

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