Since the day the new DJI Goggles were announced they have been sold out on the DJI site. I overheard a number from DJI themselves, the first round was 20,000 units, sold in just under a day! If you have been hoping to grab the FPV goggles for your Mavic Pro, you can do so now.

Seriously, if you want them, stop reading this, go order, then come back and finish reading this article afterward. If you need a nudge, we went hands-on with the DJI Goggles as the NAB Show 2017 in Las Vegas in April, check it out.

What do you get for $450? The DJI Goggles are a well built VR headset. With a list of functionality that starts as a wireless FPV headset for your Mavic Pro, a wired headset for your Phantom 4 or Inspire 2 drones and more. Actually, there is an HDMI port, meaning the DJI Goggles can act as monitor for near any media device.

There is a built-in microSD slot that will either record as you go, or use it to play back your most recent flight videos. The 3.5mm headphone jack completes the immersion experience. The dual 5-inch displays at 1080p resolution are said to look like a 216-inch monitor at about 10 feet from you. I can tell you that is a great viewing experience, covering most of your viewing area. There was little to no latency, the spec sheet says 110 ms, making the DJI Goggles ideal for FPV flying or just plugging in to watch movies or play video games at home.

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The price is listed at $449.00 and has been sold out at since day one. Of course, first shipments of the Goggles are not due until May 20th. That’s just a few days before the scheduled DJI event in New York.

Our pair of DJI Goggles are on their way, stay tuned for more coverage of this new FPV headset.

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