Hyperloop coming to Dubai Hyperloop

Hyperloop one has finally given us all the details of the cargo and passenger system it will take to Dubai and it includes a last-mile solution that includes taxi-style pods that slot into the finished Hyperloop. It’s clever stuff and the company wants it fully operational by 2020.

The pods are new and interesting

Essentially the pods load up into the capsules, four at a time, and you can either arrive at the terminal or be collected by a pod and literally delivered door-to-door. The system seems to work much like a cargo system, as you will be pretty much delivered on to the Hyperloop like an inanimate parcel.

Watching the video, it looks like a postal distribution service, or what goes on behind the scenes at the airport with your bags.

As it revealed the inner workings of Hyperloop, which will transport people and cargo at speeds of more than 700mph between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other regions of the Emirates, Hyperloop One confirmed the deal to place the first system in the Gulf region.

Passengers in four years is ambitious, but possible

We’ve known for a while that a cargo system was going to lead the way. But now Hyperloop One has targeted a fully functioning passenger system and a much bigger network by 2020.

“We’ve signed an agreement with RTA Dubai to jointly pursue a passenger and cargo hyperloop network in Dubai and between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and other Emirates,” said a company statement. “This could reduce the time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to 12 minutes.”

It looks amazing and we have to assume that it’s going to happen. The timescale sounds ambitious, but then it should be feasible and we’ll keep a close eye on the progress in the coming months.

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