January 24, 2017


If you haven’t heard, Hyperloop One is a new mode of transportation built from a pipe dream of Tesla’s Elon Musk. The project is looking to change the way we think about moving from city to city, and in theory, can transport people and their vehicles in a vacuum close to the speed of sound. The idea has been talked about for quite a few years now, but it looks like it may be moving into fruition with its test track being set up in May, and might do something little expected: integration with driverless cars.

Nick Earle, Senior Vice President of Global Field Operations spoke with The Verge’s Andrew Hawkins, and mentioned that an ideal scenario would have a chip present in your autonomous vehicle that would give it access to the Hyperloop when you drove up to it. In this way, it works like a gate that restricts access for those who haven’t paid their way, and can make automation of your car even simpler.

The project has quite lofty goals, but May’s test run just north of Las Vegas should shed some light on just how feasible the project will turn out to be.

Are you excited for this project?

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