Hyperloop One is an ambitious company that plans to revolutionize the transportation industry. It sees a future where people travel between cities in low-pressure tubes at 750 miles per hour. It’s working hard trying to make its dream a reality and has already managed to raise quite a bit of money.

However, it looks like things aren’t going quite as planned for the company. We’re patiently waiting for the first public test that, unfortunately, has now been delayed. Again! The original plan was to perform the test by the end of 2016, which obviously didn’t happen. The date was then pushed back to March 31, but the company still wasn’t ready.

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Hyperloop One reveals first images of its test track

March 8, 2017

Now, Hyperloop One has announced that the test will be performed either in May or June. This really is a big delay from the original plan, but that’s not even the worst part. The company has also decided to shorten the length of the test track by more than 80 percent. Instead of 3 kilometers, it will only be 500 meters long. What this means is that the technology tested won’t be able to reach the top speed of 750 mph, which is one of the key elements of the transportation system.

Not long ago, Brent Callinicos, the finance chief at Hyperloop One, said that the upcoming test will get more investors interested and help the company raise more money. Based on the delays Hyperloop One is experiencing and a shorter test track, we find this hard to believe.

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