While other car companies are going the all-electric route towards making a cleaner vehicle for the future, Hyundai is also embracing fuel cell technology for its latest concept automobile. Today, as part of the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, it showed off its new Future Eco (FE) Fuel Cell concept car.

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December 2, 2016

The company says the car’s hydrogen-based fuel cell system is an improvement compared to the system that was put into the earlier Hyundai ix35 vehicle. The power plant itself is 20 lighter in the FE vehicle as well as 10 percent more efficient. With just one full tank of hydrogen, the fuel cell system is supposed to keep the car on the road for over 490 miles, an impressive amount of distance compared to current all-electric alternatives.

Hyundai says that it wants to launch as many as 14 “eco cars” by 2020, including one fuel cell vehicle like the FE concept car. It also wants to have five hybrid vehicles, four plug-in hybrid vehicles, and four electric vehicles on sale as well during that time frame. It’s also working on its own self-driving autonomous vehicle technology as well.

Stay tuned as we are attending the Geneva International Motor Show and will have first-hand reports from the event as they unfold.

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