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Hyundai will commercialize the world’s first eco-friendly vehicles with in-wheel motors, according to a report from etnews. The motors would be able to fully control the driving force of the wheels, meaning a separate engine wouldn’t be necessary in cars where they are installed.

In-wheel motor systems are also said to minimize power loss — as the motor is applied directly to the wheel system, rather than going through the converter, transmission and driveshaft — and reduce the weight of cars.

Reportedly, Hyundai has said that the technology can increase safety and could be used in conjunction with SPAS (Smart Parking Assistance System), ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System) systems.

“In-wheel motor system is a next-generation driving method that minimizes power loss and we are going to finish development in 2018 and commercialize it in 2020,” said a Hyundai Motor Company representative in a statement. “It will be applied to next-generation electric vehicles such as 2nd generation FCEV and […] vehicles such as hybrid cars and plug-in hybrid cars.”

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