Hyundai has revealed an concept for a “hyper-connected intelligent car” that would physically connect to a home via a panel in the wall. When docked, the car would be able to access the home network and offer control over the household, while what looks like a floating chair would transport owners between house and automobile.

Hyundai’s “Mobility Vision” would allow the driver-less car would act like an extension of a home or office space, ready to be entered without interruption. Hyundai sees the connectivity and convenience of such as system as blurring “the line between mobility and living and working space, integrating the car into the daily lives of users.”

Of the car’s capabilities, Hyundai also said that “the mobility concept can act as an air conditioner; share its entertainment facilities by mirroring audio and visual outputs with the home’s smart devices; and even provide power in emergency situations.”

Hyundai will be showing off a working demonstration of the concept at CES this week. As somebody who has often struggled to pull up alongside a gas pump, however, I’d worry about my ability to connect to my house.

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