Hyundai, like a lot of car manufacturers these days, wants to make its mark in the autonomous vehicle space. But the South Korean company is doing things a bit differently than its competitors. It’s aiming at building an autonomous vehicle that the average consumer will be able to afford.

The company has shown off two Ioniq test vehicles in Las Vegas — hybrid and electric — that look a bit different than other autonomous cars. They don’t have a LIDAR sensor on top, but Hyundai has equipped the vehicles with a 130-degree sensor in the front as well as with a 110-degree sensor on both the left and right side. The system uses less computing power and is cheaper because the cars can have a less-powerful computer on board.

But this does come at a cost. Because the system doesn’t provide the car with enough information, it needs downloadable, high-accuracy mapping data to be able to drive on its own. So before you would be able to take the car around the block, Hyundai would have to map your local roads. And that takes a lot of time. The company has said that it’s considering partnering with mapping companies to speed things up. But in any case, don’t expect to see Hyundai’s car driving around your neighborhood anytime soon.

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