It seems like every computing company is working to get itself into self driving car technology. Intel has a habit of acquiring other companies to further its expansions into new tech, and that is exactly what it is doing with Mobileye.

Under the terms of agreement, Intel will be purchasing every share of Mobileye for $63.54 a pop, working out to a combined $15.3 billion. While it will take about 9 months for the purchase to go through, the company is planning on beginning crowdsourcing data for high quality maps in 2018.

Mobileye CTO Amnon Shashua will begin leading Intel’s autonomous driving division once the acquisition finishes up, leading the two companies towards a seemingly successful partnership. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich says that the pair is essentially a match made in heaven, with Intel providing foundational technologies for autonomous driving while Mobileye brings high quality computer vision to help make “real-time decisions”.

While Mobileye had worked with Tesla in the early days of the company, Intel moved in last year to begin using it and Mobileye’s technologies in early versions of self-driving BMW vehicles. The three companies developed 40 of such vehicles together, and are looking to continue innovating in the space once the acquisition is complete.

Intel is planning on buying even more companies to flush out its strategy, including gesture-based technology, 3D video tech, and a personal assistant platform.

Do you think Intel can make a serious dent in the self-driving car game? So many other organizations like NVIDIA, Google, and Tesla are working themselves to make the same happen, so it’s only a matter of time before one of them finally hits the market.

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