Electric longboards are expensive. If you want to get in the game on the cheap, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find anything remotely quality. We reviewed the $399 Swagtron Voyager a couple months ago, and while we came away quite surprised with its functionality, it has since deteriorated and fallen apart quite a bit. Now, another competitor is juiced up and ready to disrupt the space.

The Juiced Board look eerily similar to a Boosted Board, but attempts to replicate it at an affordable price. Many of the same design elements are present here, from the orange wheels and wood deck to the placement of the logo on the top. Juiced is trying to keep this device light and compact however, by hiding the motors inside of the wheels itself. By doing this, only the battery is exposed on the underside, allowing for a very traditional longboard experience.

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May 18, 2017

The company is touting the fact that you can use this longboard like a traditional one if your battery runs out, and says you won’t be slowed down by the recursively charging motors found on many electric boards. Juiced¬†are going for simplicity here, with no flashy lights, apps, or anything else.

The board is launching on Indiegogo for $399, and is aiming to start shipping in July of this year. Is this a board you would be interested in? The price is quite competitive, and it may prompt Swagtron to bump the quality of their similarly priced option.

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