MediaTek has been making a bigger name for itself in the semiconductor industry, as it provides processors for many Android smartphones and tablets. Today, the company revealed its plans to offer its chips to the automotive industry, for both connected and automated cars, starting in the first quarter of 2017.

MediaTek says that it will focus its automatic processor development in four segments. One of them is a driver assistance system that will use a Vision Processing Unit (VPU). The company claims it will be able to handle a large amount of “real-time visual streaming data”, that, combined with machine learning, will enable it to offer cars that will be able to handle events on the road “comparable to human decision-making performance”

In addition, MediaTek is developing a Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Radar technology for cars that can accurately recognize targets, even in adverse conditions such as fog, rain or snow. It will also use its processors for robust in-car entertainment solutions. Finally, it will offer MediaTek Telematics that can give cars a solid connectivity solutions for cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless needs. So far, the company has yet to announce any partnerships with automobile companies for its car processors.

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