September 28, 2016

The Paris Motor Show is going to be a big deal for Mercedes as it unveils what we think will be the EQ sub-brand. We do know we’re going to get an all-electric SUV and now the three-pointed star has revealed a teaser video to ramp up the anticipation.

If the actual car comes out looking like this and it almost certainly will, then it is going to steal a lot of headlines. We can’t pick out all the details, that’s the point of a teaser video, but what we can see does suggest this is going to look fantastic.

At first glance it looks like a smoothed out and curvaceous GLE. But while other manufacturers have removed the grilles and done their best to make the car entertaining, Mercedes has made a design feature out of them and replaced the functional grille with an LED light representation. It’s brave, it’s fun and it looks like it works.

Inside the Mercedes has gone for an airy, light feel with full length panoramic glass roof separated by a supporting beam and the interior gets more of the clever blue mood lighting through pinhole gaps in the door covers.

It’s a concept, but it’s not…

Now we do still have to remember, this is a concept car for a show. So there’s no guarantee all of these clever design touches will make it through to the production car. On the other hand, this is more than a concept. It signals Mercedes’ arrival as an EV manufacturer and this SUV has more significance than any other Mercedes concept in recent times.

So we hope these touches do make it through to the finished car and we hope the Mercedes looks every bit as good as the teaser video suggests.

We’ll find out soon enough, the Paris Motor Show kicks off today.

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