Tesla released a little infographic that reveals a lot about the upcoming Model 3. It reveals a lot about the company’s hopes for your purchasing habits as well, in short, you can order a Model 3 and wait a year or buy a Model S today!

The perceived belittling of Model 3 purchasers aside, a major headline here is that the new car will have vastly fewer configuration options than the Model S.

Running down some of the major differences between the two cars, as far as the infographic goes. (Infographic at the end of this article.)

The Model 3 will take more than five seconds to get up to sixty miles per hour, more than double the time it takes for the top end Model S. Fewer seats are in the car, it does not go as far on a charge and it has fewer and smaller displays than the Model S.

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We expected the less expensive car to have inferior specs and performance, no real surprise here. However, options and charging time are the big factors. Specifically, the Model S has a dizzying 1500+ configuration options to choose from. Wow. The Model 3 will have fewer than 100 configurations. That’s still a lot, but certainly pails in comparison.

That last tidbit is very important. Tesla just re-established free unlimited Supercharger use for Model S and Model X owners, not so for Model 3 buyers. For the reduced sales price, you will have to pay at the pump, as it were, for your electricity.

Scour the sheet below then let us know, are you going for the Model S maybe next year, or will you drive away in a Model S today?


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