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The best electric cars of 2017

It’s a question that crops up all the time: “What is the best electric car?” Of course, it seems like a straightforward question. But if the market confuses you, we’re here to help.

by Nick Hall 3 days ago0 comments

The 10 best electric motorcycles - April 2017

by Nick Hall 2 weeks ago0 comments

Best drones for sale - professional and consumer grade

by Jonathan Feist 1 week ago0 comments

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced announced - it's all about the camera

by Jonathan Feist 2 weeks ago0 comments
Modern Transportation
Modern Transportation

Uber wants to get flying cars in the air by 2020

Uber plans on testing its flying taxis by 2020 in Dubai and Texas.
by Mitja Rutnik2 days ago

Hyperloop One delays first public test for the second time

Hyperloop One has delayed its first public test for the second time. It is now expected to be performed in either May or June.
by Mitja Rutnik1 week ago
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Video: Producing a 1500 hp (1.1 MW) electric race car – Tajima Rimac eRunner

The team behind the Rimac Concept One put together a 1.1 MW, 1500 hp racing machine, the did it in just a few months, and we get to watch the process here.
by Jonathan Feist2 weeks ago
Modern Transportation

Faraday Future FF91 beta prototype on display in Long Beach

The Faraday Future FF91 in matte black was seen in Long Beach this past weekend. Check out the FF91 Beta 05 prototype here.
by Jonathan Feist2 weeks ago
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Hyperloop One announcing potential US routes

Hyperloop One has announced some semi-finalists in the hunt for the first high-speed routes in the United States. I live at one of them, do you?
by Adam Molina3 weeks ago
Modern Transportation

Drone or airplane – either way, autonomous aircraft could save us money

Natilus is building a prototype of an airplane-sized cargo hauling drone. Faster than a boat, cheaper than an airplane, amphibious craft uses best of both.
by Jonathan FeistMarch 28, 2017
Modern Transportation

Metroboard Dual Drive review: A powerhouse of a longboard that feels like a prototype

The Metroboard Dual Drive is an absolute powerhouse of an electric longboard that demands a premium price but lacks refinement.
by David ImelMarch 23, 2017
Modern Transportation

Wright Electric thinks they can get electric airplanes off the ground

Announcing plans for a full electric airplane, Wright Electric hopes to put a 150-seater in the air, or at least settle on a hybrid system for battery life.
by Jonathan FeistMarch 22, 2017
Modern Transportation

Behind the scenes of SpaceX Hyperloop competition – It’s not quite pod racing

Take a peak behind the scenes of the SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition back in January. This is why only 3 teams got to run their pods in the tube.
by Jonathan FeistMarch 8, 2017
Modern Transportation

Volkswagen’s new self-driving car concept looks like a Pixar character

Volkswagen has revealed a new self-driving car concept called Sedric that looks very much like a character in one of Pixar's Cars movies.
by John CallahamMarch 7, 2017
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