Tesla sees a future where owners of its electric cars also use the company’s solar panels or the new solar roof tiles and maybe even the Powerwall battery. That’s why the company is working on bringing an app to its EVs that will allow users to check and manage the solar products they use when they are in the car.

This was recently confirmed by Elon Musk, who simply answered “Yes” to a question on Twitter if the SolarCity and Powerwall apps will make their way to the Model S and X.

Right now, there’s no word on when the app (or apps) will be released and what features will it offer. About a month ago, the company released an update for the Tesla iOS and Android app that added Powerwall support.

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May 22, 2017

What this means is that users are now able to check things like real-time data on solar power generation and battery power flow, and are also able to adjust the amount of power the product stores, among other things. We hope to see all these features and more in the app for the Model S and X.

The upcoming app obviously won’t appeal to everyone. Those who don’t have Tesla’s solar panels, the Powerwall or any of the other product won’t find much use for it. But those who do will probably welcome it with open arms, as they won’t have to pull out their smartphones while driving to check their Powerwall status, for example.

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