October 16, 2016

VW electric car

Could you get paid to go electric? Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio seems to think so. Senator Brown’s proposed legislation would offer up to $250 in benefits every month to people who choose to commute in electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Credit Act

Workers who commute via public transit already receive some benefits at certain companies: these include public transportation allowances, parking fees, and public transit passes. Brown’s new bill takes this concept and applies to motivate people to use electric vehicles.  Named the Electric Vehicle Credit Act, the proposed legislation would give employees up to $250 monthly in electric charging benefits – without having them taxed.

The benefit would apply to any electric car with a 4 kWh or bigger battery pack and any motorcycle or three-wheeler with a 2.5 kWh or higher battery pack.

Brown says the proposed bill would help employees save on fuel and ultimately help reduce pollution:

As more Ohioans choose to drive electric to save on gas and reduce pollution, it’s important that employers have the opportunity to offer vehicle charging as a workplace benefit. Many workers are already able to exclude bus passes and parking fees from their taxable income and offering workers using new transportation options this same benefit help Ohio employers recruit and retain talent.

Its implications and need for support

Brown’s Electric Vehicle Credit Act could give up to $3,000 in benefits to people who use electric vehicles – that’s a significant amount of money that could be enough of an incentive. In fact, the Electric Drive Transportation Association has already shown its support for the bill, applauding Brown’s efforts to start an electro-mobility transition in the US:

EDTA applauds Senator Brown’s leadership on electric drive and this effort to promote charging in workplaces. Electrifying the daily commute allows employees to save on gasoline and communities to benefit from reduced pollution. Expanding electric vehicle charging in the workplace is an important step in moving toward smarter, cleaner electric transportation in Ohio and across the country.

However, there are more obstacles ahead until the bill is approved, especially in a Republican-dominated state like Ohio. In the meantime, if you approve of Brown’s legislation, you can head on over to his Twitter and show your support!

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